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Submission Rules
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  1. Stories should contain minimal spelling and grammatical errors.

  2. Story titles should be properly capitalized and contain no special characters or profanity.

  3. Rate your story by the highest rated chapter and use appropriate warnings.

  4. Summaries should be a brief representation of your story. Pictures are not allowed in summaries.

  5. Stories should be original works and not plagiarized. Cite your references and give credit.

  6. Avoid interrupting your story with author notes and messages.

  7. Use story, chapter and end notes responsibly and only when needed. Author notes should not be used as a communication device as this is what reviews and review responses are for. Do not demand reviews.

  8. Use an appropriate story format. Paragraphs should be recognizable and easy to read.

  9. Do not use netspeak in your story. Netspeak is allowed in author's notes but should be kept to a minimum.

  10. Do not include pictures in your story unless they are relevant. Pictures must match the given rating for your story.

  11. Crossover stories are allowed on the site as long as they feature a member of Good Charlotte as a main character and pairing.

  12. Do not list character details. Incorporate that information into your story.
Note: A story or chapter that has been rejected may be resubmitted once the appropriate changes have been made. Continuing to submit your story without making changes may result in the suspension or termination of your account. Any archived story found to be in violation of the rules may be removed without prior notice. Please backup your stories! The site is not responsible for providing story backups.